Watch: The best movies for the first time on Amazon Prime Video 2018

Now Playing: Amazon Prime video service gets new subscription video service in 2018 Now Playing, watch more TV shows Now Playing Trump: US can’t let China ‘s currency go up too much Now Playing ‘It’s time for us to go nuclear’: Trump says nuclear war is ‘not on the table’ Now Playing The new Amazon Prime TV shows You Don’t Know Jack, Black Panther, The Punisher, and Daredevil Now Playing What to expect from Amazon Prime in 2018 and beyond Now Playing This video game looks like a perfect Christmas gift Now Playing It’s time to cut the cord on your TV Now Playing Amazon is bringing Amazon Prime to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Now Playing Netflix launches new streaming service called Netflix Go Now Playing Here’s what you need to know about Apple Pay Now Playing US president calls for end to China trade war Now Playing New York Times reporter on the deadly police shooting in Dallas Now Playing Why the White House is taking a stand on climate change Now Playing How to find out when Amazon Prime is coming to your town Now Playing Apple CEO Tim Cook says the ‘end of days’ are nigh for Apple Now Playing FBI investigating ‘ancient’ ‘Star Trek’ holodeck Now Playing Who is the ‘Star Wars’ villain?

Now Playing Disney CEO Bob Iger says the company has ‘no plan to shut down’ Now Play Trump says he ‘won’t take orders from anybody’ Now The Next Web’s Jennifer Rubin has a full breakdown of the new Amazon TV shows now available Now Playing Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump says she wants ‘a wall’ between US and Mexico Now Playing A look at the new Disney Channel TV series ‘Muppet Treasure Island’ Now On The Money: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’ is the #1 new movie of 2018 Now On This American Life’s Dan Cawthon examines the latest in the US presidential election Now Playing Elon Musk says Tesla may not build cars in China for fear of being sued Now Playing Will Amazon Prime finally launch in 2019?

Now On Facebook, a video that shows a police officer using a baton to subdue a man is making waves Now Playing Is Amazon Prime right for you?

Now This American life has a look at what to expect when Amazon launches Prime Video in 2018.

Now Playing When is it going to launch Prime Video?

Now Here’s how you can watch all the new movies for Prime Now Playing President Trump’s son Ivanka Trump on what to do if you are shot by a cop Now Playing China will need to cut tariffs on US goods to stop it from taking advantage of China Now Playing Chinese company buys ‘Starbucks’ for $4.3B Now Playing Russia says it will block the shipment of ‘Star-Wars’ merchandising to North Korea Now Playing Saudi Arabia says it has stopped allowing imports of luxury cars to the US Now Playing Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Jr. speaks out on the ‘new McCarthyism’ in America Now Playing Ivanka Trump discusses her father’s tax plan Now Playing Does Amazon Prime really mean that you won’t get your own TV anytime soon?

Now Play Ivanka Trump has some new information about her father Now Playing Hillary Clinton is being investigated for possible misuse of her personal email server Now Playing Could you use your Amazon Prime subscription to watch ‘Game of Thrones’ without paying for it?

Now Watch: How to buy a TV with your Amazon membership Now Playing Did you know that Amazon Prime has the ability to add TV shows to your Prime Video subscription?

Now WATCH: This is what it’s like to get a free subscription to Amazon Now Playing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his company is ‘very happy’ with the new TV service Now Playing NASA launches two missions to probe the universe Now Playing Police in the UK are investigating an alleged sex assault involving a woman in her 20s Now Playing CNN’s Wolf Blitzer says Trump has ‘zero respect’ for women Now Playing You can get free Netflix and Amazon Prime on your smartphone with just one keystroke Now Playing In this exclusive interview with NPR, the first female astronaut talks about the first day of her mission on the International Space Station Now Playing People are taking to social media to voice their opposition to the president’s travel ban Now Playing Watch the new Netflix series ‘Game Of Thrones’ Now Now Playing Are you ready to watch The Walking Dead?

Now That Donald Trump is president, this is what we know about the country’s future Now Playing ISIS has claimed responsibility for a series of bombings in the United States Now Playing Fox News has cancelled the upcoming Trump interview with Tucker Carlson Tonight Now Playing Meet the top 50 women who are in Hollywood Now Playing Where is the Trump travel ban coming from?

Now These are some of the most popular movies from Amazon and Netflix now available on Amazon Now On Fox News, Tucker Carlson was asked what he would say to President Donald Trump if he ever got the chance to meet him.

Now On A recent study, women in their 20s now earn 77% of what men earn

Now Playing: Amazon Prime video service gets new subscription video service in 2018 Now Playing, watch more TV shows Now…

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