5 Reasons why you can’t watch your favourite films on Netflix

By Amit Gupta and Jyoti Bhatia, NDTV, Netflix, 10 July 2018The best movies of the year have already been revealed and now the buzz has begun over the streaming service’s latest offering, The 5 Reasons Why, which is due to hit the Indian market on November 1.

The 5 Reasons reasons Netflix will be the best streaming service in India, says Amit Gupta, senior VP of product management at Netflix.

“The company’s focus is to empower its creators, and with this, The Best of Netflix will give creators and content creators an easy way to find and watch their favourite films in India and around the world.

It will provide creators and filmmakers with the platform to create the content they love,” said Amit Gupta.

The five reasons Netflix is the best in India are: the ease of searching and browsing for the best movies; a simple interface to navigate the content; an easy and intuitive search engine; a fast and easy search engine that gives you access to millions of films; a great user experience; and a diverse content library that’s rich in genres and genres that are available across multiple platforms, says Netflix.

The company has also launched its latest video game offering, which has been called “The World’s Most Powerful Game”.

The five best reasons why Netflix will become the best of the best will be released in November.

“The world’s most powerful game will make your life easier, but there’s a catch,” says Amit.

“You have to buy the game first.

It’s only available in India.

There’s no guarantee that it will be available everywhere in the world.”

To see the list of movies, you can download the app here: 5 Reasons Netflix will take over the Indian video streaming space.

By Amit Gupta and Jyoti Bhatia, NDTV, Netflix, 10 July 2018The best movies of the year have already been revealed…

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