Which cars should you buy?

There are so many car manufacturers now, it can be hard to decide which ones are the best.

We’ll start with the best cars in the world, but then go from there to some of the worst.

There are a lot of different brands in the car market, and each one has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s start with some of them.1.

Toyota Land Cruiser Land Cruiser – $50,000 to $100,0002.

Ford Focus Electric – $25,000-$50,,0003.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Electric – About $30,0004.

Hyundai Genesis E Hybrid – About the same as the Land Cruiser, but with less powerSource: Toyota4.

Ford Fusion Hybrid – $30-40,0005.

Nissan Leaf – $35,000-50,006.

Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid – Same price as the Leaf, but less power (about the same power as the Focus Electric)7.

Audi A4 Electric – More power than the Leaf8.

Mercedes E350 Hybrid – More than the E350, but cheaper to buy and maintenance free9.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid – Nearly the same price as a Leaf, cheaper to maintain and maintenancefree10.

Honda Fit Hybrid – The same price or less than a Leaf.11.

Audi Q5 Hybrid – Less power than a Q5, but still cheaper to run and maintenance-free12.

BMW M3 Hybrid – Almost the same amount as a Q6.13.

Porsche Panamera Hybrid – Another similar price or $3500, but not as good as the A4 or Leaf.14.

Chevrolet Bolt Hybrid – Not as good, but slightly better than the A3.15.

Lexus LS 300 Hybrid – Very similar price to a Leaf but a little cheaper to operate and maintain.16.

Nissan Versa Hybrid – A bit cheaper to get and maintain, but is still far from being as good a car as the Q6 and Leaf.17.

Tesla Model S – A little cheaper than the Volt, but the same battery size as the Model S.18.

Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid – Slightly cheaper than a Volt.19.

Hyundai i30 Hybrid – Again, slightly cheaper to purchase, but no longer a viable option for daily driving.20.

Honda Civic Hybrid – One of the best all-around hybrids, but a bit less power than any of the other hybrid models.21.

Mercedes C-class Hybrid – Great all-rounder, but has a lower-power version that is not as useful.22.

Audi Quattro – Another great all-round hybrid, but can be a bit on the slow side.23.

Ford GT Hybrid – Pretty good, and not quite as good or as reliable as the Quattros.24.

Volkswagen Golf Hybrid – Really good, very reliable and reliable, but it takes some getting used to.25.

Lexis RX500 Hybrid – Cheap, but only for the first few years.26.

Volkswagen e-Golf Hybrid – Still cheap, but now you have to keep the gas tank full or you risk over-boosting and getting into a jam.27.

Nissan LEAF Hybrid – Nice, but costs a lot more to maintain than the e-golf.28.

Toyota Prius Hybrid – Better for a small, light car.29.

BMW i3 Hybrid and Toyota Priya Hybrid – Good, but expensive.30.

Honda CR-Z Hybrid – Solid, but very underpowered.31.

Volkswagen Tiguan Hybrid – Some of the most popular cars on the market right now, but its not the best car.32.

Tesla Roadster – Very good, well-built and well-suited to the city.33.

Honda Pilot Hybrid – Probably the best hybrid on the planet.34.

Volkswagen Passat Hybrid – Like the i3, but for less power.35.

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid – Similar price to the Cayenne, but much less powerful.36.

Mercedes S-Class Hybrid – This is the most powerful hybrid on earth, but you still need to be careful.37.

BMW X5 Hybrid and Mercedes-AMG X5 GT – Like their S-class cousins, but even better than their S3.38.

Mercedes GLC Hybrid – Also like the X5, this is an incredible car.39.

Volkswagen GTE Hybrid – So much more powerful than the X3.40.

Ford Fiesta Hybrid – Just like the GLC, but more expensive.41.

Ford Escort Hybrid – Has the best power, and its not really the best on the road.42.

Toyota Camry Hybrid – Much better power, but slower to drive than the Camry.43.

Chevrolet Camaro Hybrid – Fast, but needs a little maintenance.44.

Volkswagen Beetle Hybrid – Slow, but good for daily use.45.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid – Even better than its GLC counterpart, but there are a few issues with the fuel economy.46.

Honda Odyssey Hybrid – Amazing

There are so many car manufacturers now, it can be hard to decide which ones are the best.We’ll start with…

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