What you need to know about Finding Nemo 2 – the DQ

Debuting on DVD and Blu-ray, Finding Nemos 2: The DQ is a sequel to Finding Nemoes, featuring new footage and a new storyline, but it is a very different story.

This time around, it’s not a search for Nemo the frog in search of the legendary treasure, but instead, Nemo is looking for the new treasure, a piece of the Dory doll.

This new video is only available in Spanish and it only appears to be available for the D5.3, and D5K2.

This is a great first look at Finding NemoS 2, but the story is not nearly as good.

For starters, the D6 has returned, as did the D3, D4, D5, and the D2.

Also, the plot is a bit too similar to the first one to make me wonder if this sequel will even be the original Finding Nemost.

But the fact that this is a Finding Nemons sequel, with all of its twists and turns, makes me believe that this one will be good.

If this one was a little better, I would have expected more of a deeper plot to the new ones.

In the end, this Finding NemO sequel is a good one, with a great new story and a great cast, but not as good as the first Finding Nemovie.

I will be watching Finding NemOS 2 more often, and I will also be picking up the D4D6, which is the D1D5, as a second sequel.

Finding NemS 2:The DQ opens in theaters March 8, 2018, but fans can buy it online from the Warner Bros. website.

You can also watch the trailer below:

Debuting on DVD and Blu-ray, Finding Nemos 2: The DQ is a sequel to Finding Nemoes, featuring new footage and…

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