How to get a DVD in the mail

A man who was a guest on “Meet the Press” this week, who had never seen a DVD, has found a way to get one in his mailbox.

The CBS show, hosted by Chuck Todd, was talking about the DVD that has been causing a bit of a buzz in recent months: “Meet The Press,” which is a show of interviews that are usually about the same thing as a “Meet Your Candidates” event.

But Todd had an unexpected guest, who sat down to discuss his favorite topic.

The man was “Chuck,” who said he was a former Republican.

He said he had been a member of the Republican party for about 20 years, and had been on the presidential ticket in 1992.

Todd said that if he were president, he would take steps to cut down on government waste.

“I don’t want the government to have to pay for your birthday parties,” Chuck said.

“Well, if you don’t have a birthday party, I guess you should just do your job,” Todd responded.

Chuck said that he had not voted in decades.

He described himself as “an independent, not a member, but I support the Republican Party.”

He added, “I think that if we’re going to be successful, we’re doing this because we have to, we have the money, we can afford it.”

The interview ended with Chuck saying that he would like to see the U.S. government cut back on waste.

He said, “We have an amazing opportunity here.”

Todd then asked the man about his beliefs, and he told Todd, “The Bible says, God created the world.”

Todd responded, “Yeah, that’s true.”

“So, is that the only thing that you believe?”

Todd said.

“No, that was not what the Bible said.”

He continued, “But I do think that God created this earth, and if we take God’s word, then we can save this planet.”

A man who was a guest on “Meet the Press” this week, who had never seen a DVD, has found…

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