Movie-going audience increases for ‘Superman’ (via Movieguide)

Movie-goers in the US are showing up at movie theaters for a third straight week.

The first movie-going spike happened last weekend and has been reported by various outlets.

The uptick in the number of movie-goers comes as the movie, starring Christopher Reeve and Diane Lane, has been widely praised for its visuals and performances.

In its second week of availability, the film had a record opening weekend of $17.2 million, breaking the previous record for a superhero film by $10 million.

In total, the movie is the third-highest-grossing movie in history in the U.S. behind “The Avengers” ($150 million) and “The Dark Knight” ($167 million).

The film was also the third best-reviewed film of all time, according to the film’s website. 

As a result, Warner Bros. is reporting that the superhero movie is now the top-grosser movie of all-time in the United States.

That means that the film is the highest-grossed film in the history of the Warner Bros.-Universal Pictures studio.

This weekend, Warner is also planning a two-day event featuring the movie. 

For more information on the release of the “Superman” movie, please click here. 

Thanks to @nancycjk, who alerted us to this news. 

#Superman movie opening weekend in the #US with a record $17M, with an all-times high of $18M.

It is the 3rd highest grossing movie of #history.

It also has a $20M weekend lead. — Movieguide (@movieguide) August 18, 2018

Movie-goers in the US are showing up at movie theaters for a third straight week.The first movie-going spike happened last…

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