Netflix is streaming a lot of gay porn at launch

Netflix, the video streaming service that has made a name for itself by turning streaming movies into TV series and movies into movies, is streaming gay porn.

The streaming service has just announced that it is adding an all-gay porn episode to its lineup.

The episode will be available to watch for free on the Netflix app in the U.S. and Canada starting on October 26, but Netflix says it’s launching it in other countries on October 13.

“We’ve been watching the LGBT community grow in popularity and we’re thrilled to have this episode available to stream right now,” the company says in a blog post announcing the episode.

“It’s about getting a taste of what life is like on the outside.”

The Netflix announcement comes just one day after Netflix launched a gay porn special called “Boys Don’t Cry,” a gay romance series, in which two friends go on an “unusual” date.

Netflix’s announcement is likely a response to recent efforts by gay rights groups to force Netflix to allow them to stream gay porn on its streaming service.

“Netflix’s decision to launch a gay episode of its streaming series ‘Boys Do Cry’ is a bold and welcome step in a much needed move toward inclusion and equality,” Michael C. Gottlieb, executive director of the LGBT Media Coalition, said in a statement.

“This is an important step in the right direction and demonstrates Netflix is open and accepting of LGBT people on our platform.”

The gay porn episode is the latest in a long line of Netflix’s efforts to include gay content in its catalog.

The company is also launching a gay drama series, “Unbroken,” that will be released later this year.

The service has also been a leader in streaming movies to users through services like Hulu, which is owned by Disney.

Netflix says the episode is “part of a larger Netflix commitment to offer diverse and diverse content to our users.”

It’s not clear whether gay porn will be included in that commitment.

Netflix, the video streaming service that has made a name for itself by turning streaming movies into TV series and…

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